(By authority conferred upon the secretary of state by section 312b(2) of Act No.  
300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, being S257.312b(2) of the Michigan  
Compiled Laws)  
R 257.971 Definitions.  
Rule 1. (1) As used in these rules:  
(a) "Act" means Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, being  
S257.1 et seq. of the Michigan Compiled Laws.  
(b) "Applicant" means a person who makes an application for a motorcycle  
indorsement on an operator's or chauffeur's license or on a temporary instruction  
(c) "Department" means the department of state.  
(d) "Indorsement" means a motorcycle indorsement on an operator's or  
chauffeur's license or temporary instruction permit which is issued pursuant to the  
(e) "Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle which has a saddle or seat for the use of  
a rider and which is designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the  
ground. A motorcycle does not include a tractor or a moped.  
(2) A term defined in the act has the same meaning when used in these rules,  
unless defined differently in these rules.  
History: 1984 AACS.  
R 257.972 Examination for indorsement.  
Rule 2. (1) An applicant shall pass an examination given by the department  
which is designed to test the competency of the applicant to operate a motorcycle on  
the highways of this state in a knowledgeable and safe manner and with safety to  
himself or herself and other persons or property.  
(2) The examination shall be in writing or oral, at the option of the department,  
and shall include questions concerning all of the following items:  
(a) General rules of the road.  
(b) Specific rules of the road as they apply to motorcycles.  
(c) Equipment requirements for motorcycles.  
(d) Safety requirements for motorcycles.  
(e) Safe motorcycle riding techniques, including starting, shifting, braking, and  
(f) Defensive driving techniques for motorcycles, including night driving and  
operating a motorcycle in adverse road or weather conditions.  
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(g) Emergency situations.  
History: 1984 AACS.  
R 257.973 Motorcycle operator driving test.  
Rule 3. (1) An applicant for an original Michigan motorcycle indorsement on his or  
her operator's or chauffeur's license who has passed the examination described in  
R 257.972 and who does not have a valid license or indorsement to operate a motorcycle  
from another state shall pass a motorcycle operator driving test given by the  
department which is designed to measure the competency of the applicant to operate a  
motorcycle on the highways of this state with safety to himself or herself and other  
persons or property.  
(2) The motorcycle operator driving test shall include measures intended to  
determine the following knowledge and skills:  
(a) Knowledge and proper use of various controls on the motorcycle, including  
the location and operation of all of the following equipment:  
(i) Gear selector.  
(ii) Clutch.  
(iii) Brakes.  
(iv) Throttle.  
(v) Lights, horn, and turn signals.  
(vi) The fuel control valve, if so equipped.  
(b) While on a timed and painted or marked course or pattern:  
(i) Starting the motorcycle from a standing position, which may include starting  
on an incline.  
(ii) Balancing the motorcycle at slow speeds and through turns.  
(iii) Braking the motorcycle properly using front and rear brakes, including a  
quick or panic stop on a signal and braking on a curve.  
(iv) Maintaining control of the motorcycle while making quick lane changes in  
response to a signal.  
(v) Accelerating the motorcycle through a curve without losing control or using  
feet to keep balance.  
(vi) Proper use of controls during the test, including starter, throttle, clutch,  
gear selector, and turn signals.  
(3) The motorcycle operator driving test shall be terminated and the applicant  
failed upon the occurrence of any 1 of the following:  
(a) An accident or near accident where the applicant is at fault or negligent.  
(b) Loss of control of the clutch or throttle or raising the front wheel off the  
(c) Violation of any traffic law.  
(d) Exhibition of inexperience or lack of ability to the extent that the examiner  
believes further testing would be dangerous.  
(e) Unsatisfactory performance of any 2 items required by subrule (2) of this rule,  
as measured by an objective scoring standard.  
(f) Refusal or inability to perform any required item.  
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(4) The motorcycle operator driving test shall not be given to any applicant who  
does any of the following:  
(a) Fails to present a valid registration certificate and license plate for the  
motorcycle to be used in the test.  
(b) Presents a motorcycle with defective, inoperative, or missing required safety  
equipment, including any of the following:  
(i) Headlamp.  
(ii) Rear lamp.  
(iii) Rear brake or stop lamp.  
(iv) Rearview mirror on the motorcycle, helmet, or visor.  
(v) Horn.  
(vi) Muffler.  
(vii) Brakes--1 on each wheel.  
(viii) Approved helmet.  
(ix) Handlebars higher than 15 inches from the lowest point of the seat.  
(x) Regularly and permanently attached seat.  
(xi) Registration plate light.  
(xii) Tires with less than the minimum allowable tread levels.  
(xiii) Unsafe or improperly maintained chain, spokes, tires, or wheel nuts or any  
other mechanical defect which might affect safe operation of the vehicle.  
(xiv) Approved eye protection.  
(c) Fails to present a valid course completion certificate from an approved  
motorcycle safety course conducted pursuant to section 811a of the act if the  
applicant meets either of the following criteria:  
(i) Has not attained the age of 18 years on the date of the test.  
(ii) Has twice previously failed to pass either an examination for indorsement  
or a motorcycle operator drivers test administered by the department.  
History: 1984 AACS.  
R 257.974 Failure of examination or motorcycle operator driving test.  
Rule 4. An applicant who fails an examination for indorsement on  
motorcycle operator driving test on 2 or more occasions shall take and pass an  
approved motorcycle safety course conducted pursuant to section 811a of the act  
before being permitted to take another examination or driving test or being issued a  
motorcycle indorsement. The applicant shall present the department with a course  
completion certificate to prove the applicant has taken the course.  
History: 1984 AACS.  
R 257.975 Development of examinations and tests.  
Rule 5. In developing the examinations and tests required by the act and these  
rules, the department shall consult with the motorcycle safety foundation or other  
recognized experts in the areas of testing and motorcycle safety and may also  
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participate in studies, surveys, and other measures designed to promote and improve  
highway safety.  
History: 1984 AACS.  
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