(By authority of section 10 of Act. No. 339 of the Public Acts of 1919, as amended, being  
S287.270 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.)  
R 285.129.1 Dog kennels.  
Rule 1. (1) The following rule is hereby established to be effective on and after April  
22, 1946:  
(a) Any dog kennel which under Michigan state law is to be covered by a license shall  
be of such construction as will adequately and comfortably house any dogs kept  
therein at any season of the year. The buildings, including walls and floors, shall be  
of such construction as to be readily cleaned, and kennels and yards connected  
therewith used to confine  
kennel dogs shall be kept cleaned and free from  
accumulation of filth, mud, and debris.  
(b) All dogs kept or maintained in connection with such kennels shall be furnished  
with a clean, fresh water supply and adequate and proper food to maintain such animals  
in a normal condition of health.  
(c) The necessary inspections to be made under this rule to determine whether the  
same has been complied with shall be made by the dog warden, if there be one,  
otherwise by such person as may be appointed by the board of supervisors or the  
legislative body of the government unit involved. If no such appointment is made and  
in effect in any county, city, or village, then such inspection shall be made on behalf  
of the commissioner of agriculture by the sheriff or chief of police.  
(d) In all cases, upon such inspection being satisfactory, a certificate of inspection shall  
be signed by such inspector on behalf of the commissioner of agriculture as  
required by the act.  
(2) The provisions of this rule shall not be effective in the counties of this state that are  
operating under the provisions of section 16 of Act No. 79 of the Public Acts of 1933,  
being S287.276 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, wherein the board of supervisors have  
appointed a county dog warden with certain powers and duties, unless such counties  
by a resolution duly adopted by the board of supervisors accept the provisions of Act  
No. 245 of the Public Acts of 1945, being S287.261 et seq. of the Michigan  
Compiled Laws.  
History: 1979 AC.  
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