(By authority of Act No. 284 of the Public Acts of 1937, as amended, being S287.121  
et seq. of the Michigan Compiled Laws)  
R 285.144.1 Procedure for determining claims against livestock auctions.  
Rule 1. (1) A notice, setting forth the date, time, and place of a proposed hearing  
will be:  
(a) Mailed to each known claimant.  
(b) Published in a newspaper serving the area where the affected livestock  
auction is located once each week for 2 consecutive weeks.  
(c) Posted at 6 prominent places on the premises of the affected livestock auction.  
(2) During the course of the hearing, each claimant shall submit to the director of  
agriculture his claim in writing on a form as approved by the director and such other  
proof as may be required of him for the purpose of substantiating said claim against the  
livestock auction.  
(3) In lieu of submitting such claim at the hearing, the claimants may submit their  
proof of claim by mail, provided said proof of claim shall be postmarked at least 3 days  
prior to the date set for the hearing.  
(4) All claims and other proof as submitted will be reviewed by the director of  
agriculture and he shall rule upon the validity of each claim; provided, however, he  
may request additional information of the claimant. Thereafter, the director of agriculture  
will determine the exact amount to be paid to each claimant.  
(5) No new or additional claims will be accepted after the close of the hearing.  
(6) After determination of the amount due each claimant, said claimant will be  
notified, and thereafter the director of agriculture will determine the method or  
methods by which moneys determined to be due will be distributed to each claimant, and  
will thereupon proceed to make such distribution.  
History: 1979 AC.  
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