(By authority of Act No. 91 of the Public Acts of 1915, being S287.181 et seq. of the  
Michigan Compiled Laws)  
R 285.505.1 Sale of honey.  
Rule 1. (1) No person shall offer or expose for sale, have in possession with intent to  
sell, or sell, extracted honey in retail packages that does not conform to the standards  
of the United States department of agriculture for U.S. grade fancy.  
(2) In addition, the package must be clearly labeled "white," "amber," or "dark"  
according to the color of the honey contained therein compared to the standard scale  
of the Pfund honey grader.  
(3) No person shall offer or expose for sale, have in possession with intent to sell, or  
sell, comb honey that does not conform to the standards of the United States department  
of agriculture for U.S. grade No. 2, or better, unless each package be clearly marked  
on the outside "cull." Each package must be marked with the minimum net weight  
of the honey it contains.  
(4) This rule shall not apply to the beekeeper when offering honey produced by  
himself direct to the consumer.  
(5) A certificate of grade will be issued to any person or firm packing honey in the  
state of Michigan who submits a sample for inspection to the bureau of foods and  
standards, department of agriculture, Lansing, Michigan. The packer will be  
authorized to reproduce this certificate on any package containing honey having the  
same characteristics as the sample, within prescribed limits.  
(6) The services of the state inspector will be available to grade bulk packages (cases  
of comb honey or 60-pound cans of extracted honey).Application for such inspection  
may be made by any producer, shipper, buyer, or prospective buyer of honey. The  
applicant shall provide the labor incident to handling the honey for the purpose of  
taking samples, and will be charged a fee of 1c per case of comb honey and 1 1/2c  
per 60-pound can of extracted honey inspected.  
History: 1979 AC.  
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