(By authority conferred on the director of the department of consumer and industry  
services by sections 2, 5, 10, and 14 of Act No. 116 of the Public Acts of 1973, as  
amended, and Executive Reorganization Orders No. 1996-1 and No. 1996-2, being  
ยงยง722.112, 722.115, 722.120, 722.124, 330.3101, and 445.2001 of the Michigan  
Compiled Laws)  
R 400.51 Inspection.  
Rule 51. The recommendations of local and state departments of health and the  
fire marshal's division of the Michigan state police must be carried out if the  
infirmary is to obtain the approval of the Michigan social welfare commission.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.52 Housing.  
Rule 52. (1) Plans and specifications for new buildings and for additions or  
major building changes must be approved by the social welfare commission. All building  
plans must comply with the state housing law (Act No. 167 of the Public Acts of 1917, as  
(2) Buildings and equipment shall be maintained in such a condition as to insure  
proper safety and sanitation.  
(3) All sleeping rooms and day rooms shall be outside rooms with sufficient  
window space to provide ample light and ventilation. All doors and windows shall be  
(4) The arrangement of rooms shall be such as to permit segregation according to  
sex, character, and physical condition. Exception to this may be made in the case of  
married couples.  
(5) One or more rooms shall be available for the isolation of persons with  
communicable diseases or for critically ill patients who shall be under the direct care of  
a physician.  
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(6) A room shall be set aside where residents may listen to radio programs, read  
newspapers, books and magazines, play card games, etc. Such a room shall be kept  
pleasant and comfortable.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.53 Equipment.  
Rule 53. (1) Each resident shall be provided with a clean, comfortable individual  
bed and with adequate bed linen including sheets large enough to cover the mattress.  
Rubber sheets shall be provided if needed. Sheets and pillow cases shall be changed at  
least once a week or more frequently if essential to the maintenance of cleanliness.  
Each newly admitted resident shall be provided with a complete change of bed linen.  
(2) There shall be a minimum of 40 square feet of floor space per bed, heads of  
beds shall be at least 3 feet apart.  
(3) Each resident shall have 1 comfortable chair in addition to cupboard,  
locker, or drawer space for the storage of clothing and personal effects.  
(4) Each infirmary kitchen shall have refrigeration facilities adequate to prevent  
food spoilage. Sanitary and well arranged space shall be provided for the storage of  
food supplies.  
(5) Dish washing facilities shall be such that dishes are sterilized either by  
sufficiently hot water or by immersion in an approved antiseptic solution.  
(6) The tops of dining tables shall be washable and without cracks or worn places.  
No cracked dishes or chipped enamelware shall be used.  
(7) Adequate and sanitary laundry facilities shall be provided for washing,  
rinsing, wringing, drying and ironing clothing and linen. Laundry work shall be directly  
supervised by a staff member.  
(8) There shall be heating facilities capable of maintaining a temperature of  
not less than 72 degrees Fahrenheit in all occupied quarters.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.54 Personnel.  
Rule 54. (1) The infirmary staff shall be competent and of sufficient number to  
insure adequate administration.  
(2) Staff members shall be of good character and reputation and shall be selected  
with due regard to a proper attitude toward the aged and an understanding of the  
problems of the aged.  
(3) Staff members will assume the responsibility for the satisfactory performance  
of all work done by residents. All work done by infirmary residents shall be  
supervised by a staff member.  
(4) A definite allocation of the duties of residents shall be determined by the  
superintendent and matron in conjunction with the county social welfare board.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
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R 400.55 Medical care.  
Rule 55. (1) The responsibility for making physical examinations of each newly  
admitted resident and of recording the findings of such examinations shall be delegated to  
a licensed physician. Physical examinations shall include recognized tests for  
determining the presence of venereal diseases. X-ray examinations, typhoid checks,  
and any other examination shall be made whenever case history indicates the need for  
such procedure.  
(2) All food handlers shall be given physical examinations. Blanks supplied by  
the state department of health shall be used for this purpose.  
(3) A licensed physician shall be available and responsible for the medical care  
of residents. Orders for medication shall be written. Standing orders for common  
ailments may be formulated by the physician for administration by the matron or nurse.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.56 Nursing care.  
Rule 56. (1) Residents suffering from contagious or infectious diseases shall be  
isolated under physician's orders.  
(2) Decent privacy and 24-hour nursing care shall be provided for the critically ill  
and the dying.  
(3) Infirmaries not equipped to care for cases of acute illness shall transfer such  
cases to a licensed hospital.  
(4) Mental cases shall not be unduly restrained nor solitarily confined unless such  
action is essential to the welfare of other residents. Whenever such cases are  
required to be placed in confinement, they shall be under careful supervision and  
attention in the interests of their well-being. Mental cases shall be undressed, bathed,  
fed, and, in general, cared for as well as are all other residents.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.57 Care of residents.  
Rule 57. (1) Residents shall be subjected to only kind, proper, and humane  
(2) Each resident shall have his own clothing, properly marked, which shall be  
kept clean and well mended.  
(3) It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent and matron to see that  
residents bathe or are bathed at least weekly or more frequently if essential to personal  
cleanliness. Towels and washcloths shall be provided and a regular place arranged for  
them to be kept.  
(4) A routine procedure shall be established by which incoming cases shall be  
prevented from bringing in bedbugs and lice. Immediate steps shall be taken to  
eradicate existing vermin and to keep all quarters free of vermin.  
(5) Food shall be wholesome, ample, of sufficient dietary variety, well cooked and  
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(6) In the event of death, or serious illness or accident, immediate notice shall be  
given to the nearest relative or friend of the resident.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.58 Records.  
Rule 58. (1) Each county infirmary shall make a monthly report, on a prescribed  
form, to the county board of social welfare and shall retain a duplicate copy of such  
(2) A chronological register of admissions shall be kept. Records of personal data  
for each resident shall be kept in any reasonable form prescribed by the county  
(3) Minimum records shall include name, address, birthplace and date, color, sex,  
legal status, name and address of nearest friend or relative, reasons for admission and for  
discharge, property owned, provision for burial and a list of personal belongings.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC.  
R 400.120--R 400.126 Rescinded.  
History: 1979 AC; 1980 AACS.  
R 400.127 Rescinded.  
History: 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
R 400.128 Rescinded.  
History: 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
R 400.191 Rescinded.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
R 400.192 Rescinded.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
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R 400.193 Rescinded.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
R 400.194 Rescinded.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
R 400.195 Rescinded.  
History: 1944 AC; 1954 AC; 1979 AC; 1998-2000 AACS.  
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