(By authority of Act No. 86 of the Public Acts of 1929, being S286.81 et seq. of the  
Michigan Compiled Laws)  
R 285.600.1 Protection of cherry industry; control of cherry fruit flies and  
other cherry pests.  
Rule 1. (1) The owner or person having charge of cherry trees or cherry orchards shall  
immediately following the emergence of the cherry fly in the locality in which his  
trees or orchards are located, cause the same to be sprayed according to the  
recommendations set forth in the most recent issue  
of the Michigan State College spraying calendar being extension bulletin no. 154  
(2) When cherry trees are found to be infested with cherry fruit flies the property  
owner or his authorized agent must without delay proceed to control the infestation by  
1 of the following methods:  
(a) Pick the fruit from the infested trees and completely destroy same by burning in the  
presence of an authorized employee of the department.  
(b) Pick the fruit and bury same 2 feet below the surface of the ground after covering  
with quick lime in the presence of an authorized employee of this department.  
(c) Thoroughly spray infested trees with a solution of 2 pounds of 15% parathion  
under the supervision of an authorized employee of this department. Canning  
factories or any person or persons into whose possession infested cherries may  
come, are charged with and will be held responsible for the disposition of cherries  
containing cherry fruit fly maggots in the manner and form as above described.  
(3) It is declared to be illegal for any person or persons operating any car, vessel, boat,  
truck, automobile, aircraft, wagon or other vehicle, to transport from 1 point to another  
within the state, cherries infested with the cherry fruit fly in any living stage of its  
development, and it is further declared to be illegal for any canning factory, dealer,  
or other person to receive for canning or to can, or to have in possession with intent  
to can or sell, cherries infested with the cherry fruit fly.  
History: 1979 AC.  
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