(By authority of Act No. 189 of the Public Acts of 1931, being S286.201 et seq. of the  
Michigan Compiled Laws)  
R 285.601.1 Raspberry plant inspection and certification.  
Rule 1. (1) For intrastate movement: Orange rust and all diseases of the virus type are  
designated injurious systemic diseases, and the presence of any of them constitutes "infection"  
within the meaning of this rule. Raspberry inspection certificates showing that raspberry  
plants have been inspected twice during the previous growing season will be issued only:  
(a) After plantings have been inspected and rogued twice during the previous summer with  
an interval of at least 30 days between inspections and not more than 2% of the plants have  
been found infected on the first inspection and not more than 1% on second inspection. Each  
block of plants will be considered separately in  
(b) When all visibly infected plants have been eradicated and removed from the plantation  
at once by the owner to the satisfaction of the inspector.  
(c) When each bundle, bale, box, or carload lot shall have attached to it a copy of a special  
certificate issued by the commissioner of agriculture which will show that the plants in the  
bundle, bale, box, or carload lot have been inspected and conform to the requirements of  
this rule. The department of agriculture reserves the right to return to the point of origin any  
raspberry plants apprehended in the state of Michigan without such a certificate.  
(d) In order to control and eradicate above mentioned diseases and others affecting the  
raspberry, it is desirable that insofar as possible all raspberry plantations, regardless of the  
extent of area or whether or not the plants are to be sold, shipped, or transported, should  
have 2 inspections each season. The cooperation of all nurserymen and fruit growers is  
(e) Whenever infected plants are known to exist, they shall be promptly destroyed without  
awaiting visit of the inspector. Raspberry plantations which have become unprofitable, owing  
to the presence of these or other diseases, neglect, or other causes, shall be promptly and  
carefully destroyed for the protection of the owner and his neighbors.  
(2) For interstate movement: It has been determined by the department of agriculture that  
injurious systemic diseases of raspberry plants existing in other states constitute dangerous  
plant disease infections with reference to which the secretary of agriculture of the United  
States has not established a federal quarantine; therefore, under the authority conferred by  
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the statutes of this state, the department orders that no raspberry plants shall be imported into  
the state of Michigan:  
(a) Unless they have been inspected by an official state inspector of the state in which they  
were grown in conformity with rules substantially similar to those stated above for intrastate  
(b) Unless each bundle, bale, box, or carload lot shall have attached to it a copy of a special  
certificate from the said official inspector which will show that the plants in the bundle, bale,  
box, or carload lot have been inspected and do conform to the requirements of this  
rule. The department of agriculture reserves the right to return to the point of origin any  
raspberry plants received in the state of Michigan without such a certificate.  
(3) This rule supersedes all previous rules and regulations and shall be immediately effective.  
History: 1979 AC.  
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