(By authority conferred on the racing commissioner by sections 9 and 178 of Act No.  
380 of the Public Acts of 1965, as amended, and section 7 of Act No.279 of the Public  
Acts of 1995, as amended, being §§16.109, 16.278, and 431.307 of the Michigan  
Compiled Laws)  
R 285.809.1 Definitions.  
Rule 1. As used in these rules:  
(a) “Applicant” means an individual, partnership, association, or corporation  
applying for thoroughbred training and stabling facility state funds.  
(b) “Department” means the department of agriculture.  
(c) “Director” means the director of agriculture.  
(e) “Training track” means a track with a cushion adequate to condition horses.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.2 Allotments; qualifications.  
Rule 2. (1) An applicant receiving an allotment shall not require persons using the  
facilities to be members of an association or organization.  
(2) An allotment may be made only to an applicant who does not receive state funds  
for thoroughbred training and stabling from any other state source.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.3 Allotments; application and approval.  
Rule 3. (1) The applicant requesting funds shall file a proper application with  
the director, in duplicate, on forms provided by the department, on or before May 1  
preceding the state’s fiscal year for which an allotment is being requested. The date  
set forth in this subrule shall not apply for the first year these rules are in effect.  
(2) The department shall given written notice of approval or disapproval of an  
application within 30 days after its receipt.  
(3) Allotments for the 1983 race season may be retroactive to January 1,1983.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.4 Stabling facilities.  
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Rule 4. (1) Michigan owners shall be given preference over persons from outside  
Michigan for training and stabling.  
(2) Stalls shall be not less than 80 square feet per horse.  
(3) Water shall be provided to each building used.  
(4) The applicant shall provide to the department a sworn statement showing that all  
local ordinances have been met.  
(5) Conveniently located restrooms and washroom facilities shall be provided on the  
grounds for persons renting stabling facilities.  
(6) All manure shall be removed from the grounds i accordance with acceptable training  
track practices.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.5 Training facilities.  
Rule 5. (1) A training track on which thoroughbred horses train shall be maintained  
in a manner suitable for training horses, or an auxiliary track shall be made available.  
(2) The training track shall be available for  
thoroughbred horses for a  
period of not less than 6 hours per day, unless written consent for a variance is given by  
the director.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.6 Final approval.  
Rule 6. After an application has been submitted, the department shall conduct an  
inspection of the total facility to determine  
described in R 285.809.4 and R285.809.5.  
the facility meets the standards  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 285.809.7 Allotments; uses.  
Rule 7. (1) The department may allot funds, not to exceed 1% of the revenue  
received from thoroughbred racing in Michigan, to qualified applicants who have  
conformed to all other provisions of these rules.  
(2) An applicant shall submit to the department, within 30 days of the conclusion  
of the training period, a sworn statement of the number of stalls rented and the period  
of time for which they were rented.  
(3) An applicant shall provide any additional information requested by the director  
which is necessary to process the applicant’s claim.  
(4) Facilities shall be available and the track shall be in training condition for  
the training period approved by the department  
in accordance with the applicant’s  
(5) A rental rate charged to a person for training or stabling at an approved training  
track shall be approved by the director.  
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(6) The state of Michigan shall not be held responsible for liabilities involving  
training and stabling.  
(7) Records pertaining to rental of facilities shall be kept by the applicant and made  
available to state auditors for not less than 4 years.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
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