(By authority conferred on the state board of education by section 623 of Act No. 269 of  
the Public Acts of 1955, being S340.623 of the Michigan Compiled Laws)  
R 340.1161 Definitions.  
Rule 1. (1) "Registered nurse" means a person licensed by the state board of nursing  
to practice as a registered nurse.  
(2) "School nurse certification" means that an interim, standard, or professional  
school nurse certificate has been issued to a registered nurse by the state board of  
(3) "Year" means a contractual period between an employing school district and a  
school nurse and may be referred to as calendar year or academic year and either or  
both shall satisfy the requirements of these rules. In no case may a calendar year be  
counted as more than 1 year.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1162 School nursing services.  
Rule 2. A professional school nursing services program is designed to enhance the  
educational processes of children and youth through improvement in their health  
status and contribute to their attainment of greater knowledge in the area of health. A  
program shall include:  
(a) A plan for assessment and evaluation of the health and developmental status of  
(b) Interpretation of nursing assessments and medical evaluations to students, their  
parents and school personnel while recognizing and maintaining the confidential  
nature of the information.  
(c) A plan by which the health problems that interfere with a student's learning are  
eliminated, minimized, or understood.  
(d) A system to make recommendations for modification of the educational program  
when student health problems are indicated.  
(e) Consultation and recommendation of resources in areas of health problems and  
(f) Channels for communication between the school and the home, private physician  
and health and social agencies in the community.  
(g) Selective health guidance and counseling according to the needs of students.  
(h) A team approach to educational problems of students, including studies of health  
problems that may affect their scholastic attainment.  
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(i) A plan for in service education for school personnel including observations of  
the health of students, referral systems, and first aid and emergency care procedures.  
(j) A system by which school personnel may initiate appropriate referral of students.  
(k) Policies and procedures enabling school personnel to comply with established  
health laws.  
(l) Policies and procedures for the prevention and control of health problems,  
including communicable diseases.  
(m) Policies and procedures for the prevention and control of accidents and injuries.  
(n) Policies and procedures for maintaining a healthful school environment.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1163 Functions of the school nurse.  
Rule 3. A school nurse shall:  
(a) Assess and evaluate the health and development status of students through nursing  
diagnosis and the use of appropriate evaluative techniques.  
(b) Interpret nursing assessments of medical evaluations to the students, their  
parents and school personnel and provide an understanding of implications for the  
educational performance of students, while recognizing and maintaining the  
confidential nature of the information.  
(c) Plan a course of action and assist students, their parents and school personnel in  
assuming proper roles for eliminating, minimizing, preventing, or understanding the  
health problems which interfere with effective learning by the student.  
(d) Recommend to parents and appropriate school personnel modifications in the  
educational program as indicated by the health and developmental status of students.  
(e) Stimulate incorporation of health education in the school curriculum by serving on  
curriculum committees, serving as a consultant and resource person or participating in  
teacher-parent education programs.  
(f) Serve as intermediary between the school and the home, private physician, and  
health and social agencies regarding the health status of students and their needs for  
consideration in future community health planning.  
(g) Assist students and their families to obtain optimum health and well-being by  
stimulating behavior change through the educative process, including individual or  
group counseling.  
(h) Interpret health information when serving as a member of a special education  
placement committee or other programs in which health information is desirable.  
(i) Plan and provide inservice education, in cooperation with other appropriate  
personnel, for school personnel regarding health observations, referral systems and first  
aid and emergency care procedures.  
(j) Identify and recommend students for placement in special programs, initiate  
referrals for supplemental testing when health information or developmental history  
indicates, and refer students to appropriate personnel when necessary.  
(k) Assume leadership in the development and revision of written first aid and  
emergency care policies.  
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(l) Recommend and implement school policies to comply with established health laws,  
and make specific recommendations to students and school personnel regarding  
immunizations and communicable diseases.  
(m) Cooperate with the administration and staff in establishing school health program  
policies and procedures in order that professional skills and knowledge may be used  
effectively in working with students, teachers, and parents.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1164 Competencies of school nurse.  
Rule 4. (1) A school nurse shall demonstrate:  
(a) Ability to apply principles of education and learning theory in the identification of  
health status of students and the solution of health problems.  
(b) Ability to recognize health factors which create obstacles and handicaps for  
exceptional students.  
(c) Ability to function effectively in inservice health education for school personnel.  
(d) Knowledge of curriculum development to participate effectively on health related  
curriculum committees.  
(e) Ability to apply principles of human growth and development and to recognize  
variations within normal range significant to the education of the student.  
(f) Ability to define and demonstrate the clinical and technical role of the professional  
nurse in the school health program.  
(g) Ability to develop cooperatively with other school and health related  
professionals, a comprehensive school health program coordinating school and  
community resources to serve effectively the health needs of the school population.  
(h) Ability to identify the health needs of students and understand the influence of the  
family, society and culture on the student's ability to cope with school health problems.  
(i) Ability to assist students, their families and school personnel in recognizing  
potential and current health needs and in the development of plans for utilizing available  
resources to meet these needs.  
(2) These competencies shall be utilized as criteria in determining whether work  
experience as a school nurse has been successful.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1165 Continuing education of school nurse.  
Rule 5. A school nurse shall submit evidence of continuing attainment of theoretical and  
practical knowledge in the following areas to qualify for a higher level of school nurse  
certification, as required in R 340.1167 to R 340.1169.  
(a) Human growth and development.  
(b) Community health problems and resources.  
(c) School health problems.  
(d) Special problems of exceptional children.  
(e) Analysis of family health and social problems.  
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(f) Communication arts.  
(g) Organization and administration of the school health program, including  
necessary skills or understanding of curriculum development.  
(h) Learning theory.  
(i) Guidance and counseling.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1166 School nurse certification criteria.  
Rule 6. (1) An application for school nurse certification shall be directed to the  
department of education on a form supplied or approved by the department.  
(2) Credits beyond those required for a registered nurse, to be applied toward  
certification as a school nurse, shall be earned through an approved teacher  
education or nursing education institution program or accepted by the institution in  
transfer. The state board of education shall determine the acceptability of credits  
leading toward programs approved by it.  
(3) A registered nurse with a currently valid license issued by the state board of  
nursing employed as a school nurse by an employing school district for a period of not  
less than 1 school year prior to June 30, 1975, and whose experience is successful as  
determined by the state board of education upon the recommendation of the employing  
school district, is eligible for a professional school nurse certificate. Application under  
this subrule shall be made prior to June 30, 1977.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1167 Interim school nurse certificate.  
Rule 7. (1) An interim school nurse certificate may be issued, after July 1, 1975,  
upon request of the employing school district to an applicant who holds a currently  
valid Michigan license as a registered  
(2) An interim school nurse certificate is valid for 2 years and may be renewed for 1  
additional 2-year period upon request of the employing school district and submission  
of evidence of the completion of 8 semester hours of course work in a program planned  
to fulfill the requirements specified in R 340.1165.  
(3) This rule is in effect as long as the applicant holds a currently valid Michigan  
license as a registered nurse.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1168 Standard school nurse certificate.  
Rule 8. (1) A standard school nurse certificate may be issued, after July 1, 1975,  
upon request of the employing school district to an applicant who holds a currently  
valid Michigan license as a registered nurse and presents evidence of completion of the  
following requirements:  
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(a) Two years of work experience in public health or school nursing practice.  
(b) Fifteen semester hours of work in areas of theoretical and practical knowledge as  
outlined in R 340.1165.  
(2) A standard school nurse certificate is valid for 3 years and may be renewed for 1  
additional 3-year period upon recommendation of the employing school district if the  
holder has completed a total of 24 semester hours of course work outlined in R  
340.1165. An additional 3 years' renewal may be given upon recommendation of the  
employing school district if the holder has completed a total of 36 semester hours of  
course work outlined in R 340.1165.  
(3) This rule is in effect as long as the applicant holds a currently valid Michigan  
license as a registered nurse.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1169 Professional school nurse certificate.  
Rule 9. (1) A professional school nurse certificate may be issued, after July 1, 1975, to  
an applicant who holds a currently valid Michigan license as a registered nurse and  
presents evidence of completion of the following requirements:  
(a) Three years of successful experience as a school nurse as determined by the state  
board of education upon recommendation of the employing school district.  
(b) A baccalaureate degree in nursing or a health-related field.  
(2) A professional school nurse certificate shall be valid if the holder maintains a  
currently valid Michigan registered nurse license.  
History: 1979 AC.  
R 340.1170 School nurse certificate expiration.  
Rule 10. All certificates expire on June 30 of the expiration year indicated on the  
History: 1979 AC.  
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