(By authority conferred on the superintendent of public instruction by section 2  
of 1937 PA 4, MCL 38.72, section 15 of 1964 PA 287, MCL 388.1015 and Executive  
Reorganization Order Nos. 1996-6 and 1996-7, MCL 388.993 and MCL 388.994)  
R 390.661 Certification of teachers under teachers' tenure act.  
Rule 1. (1) For the purposes of teacher tenure under the provisions of article II of  
1937 PA 4, MCL 38.81 to 38.84, "certificated," as it refers to  
teachers, shall include any teacher who holds a Michigan teaching certificate, as  
defined by R 390.1101, which is valid for the position to which he or she is assigned,  
or any teacher employed in a school guidance counselor position holding any Michigan  
teaching certificate with a school guidance counselor endorsement, or any teacher of  
students with speech and language impairment who provides speech and language  
services and who holds any Michigan teaching certificate with an endorsement in  
speech and language impairment, but shall not include nondegreed persons who hold  
special certificates as teachers or teacher aides in training in experimental programs.  
(2) For the purposes of article III of 1937 PA 4, MCL 38.91 to 38.92,  
"certificated" shall include any teacher who holds a Michigan teaching certificate as  
defined by R 390.1101, but shall not include nondegreed persons who hold special  
certificates as teachers or teacher aides in training in experimental programs.  
History: 1979 AC; 1990 AACS; 2005 AACS; 2007 AACS.  
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