(By authority conferred upon the secretary of state by section 8a of Act No. 271 of  
the Public Acts of 1913, as amended, and sections 9 and 30 of Act No. 380 of the Public  
Acts of 1965, as amended, being SS399.8a, 16.109, and 16.130 of the Michigan  
Compiled Laws)  
R 399.101 Definition.  
Rule 1. As used in these rules, "proper written permission" means a written  
permit issued by the secretary of state or his or her authorized representative.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
R 399.102 Prohibited acts generally.  
Rule 2. (1) On historic and museum sites which are administered by the department  
of state, a person shall not do any of the following:  
(a) Enter, use, or occupy the site for any purpose when posted against such entry,  
use, or occupancy, as ordered by the secretary of state.  
(b) Mar, damage, destroy, move, or remove any exhibit or display.  
(c) Mar, damage, destroy, move, or remove any built-up improvements or portions  
of built-up improvements, including buildings, fences, or information devices,  
without proper written permission.  
(d) Possess or use metal detectors, or dig, probe, search, excavate, or otherwise  
disturb the ground, vegetation, or any aboriginal remain without proper written  
(e) Camp on, or otherwise occupy as a temporary or permanent residence, any  
portion of the site without proper written permission.  
(f) Store or leave equipment or any privately owned property on the site without  
proper written permission.  
(g) Use the site as a place to dispose of refuse, rubbish, trash, garbage, or other  
(h) Move, remove, destroy, mutilate, or deface posters, notices, signs, or markers  
of the secretary of state or any other agency of the government.  
(i) Post, place, erect, or distribute advertising material without proper written  
(j) Use the site for a business or commercial purpose without proper written  
(k) Destroy, damage, or remove any property, rocks, gravel, earth, living tree or  
shrub, planted grasses, or other vegetation without proper written permission. This  
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subdivision does not apply to the picking and removal of mushrooms, berries, and  
other edible fruits and nuts.  
(l) Obstruct any road or trail in a manner that hinders public access to the site  
without proper written permission.  
(m) Park or operate any wheeled motorized vehicle, except in designated areas or  
on designated roads.  
(n) Use or operate any snowmobile without proper written permission.  
(o) Ignite or set any fire, either within or without a burning container, without  
proper written permission.  
(p) Carry or have in possession a firearm; shoot an air gun, gas gun, spring-loaded  
gun, or slingshot; or shoot with a bow and arrow.  
(q) Hunt, trap, kill, wound, capture, or intentionally disturb any bird, animal, or  
other wildlife.  
(r) Erect a fence or barrier; construct or occupy improvements; or enclose the  
site without proper written permission.  
(2) Employees of the department of state, emergency vehicles, and public utility  
vehicles in the line of duty are exempt from subrule (1)(l), (m), and (n) of this rule.  
(3) Subrule (1) of this rule does not apply to historic and museum sites located on  
lands administered by the Michigan department of natural resources.  
(4) Violation of any rule may result in ejection from the site.  
History: 1983 AACS.  
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