Criminal Justice Information Systems Board  
Meeting Minutes for August 16, 2019  
1917 Conference Room  
General Office Building  
Members Present:  
Ms. Dawn Brinningstaull, Director, Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC), Michigan State Police  
Mr. Kenneth Brzozowski, Proxy, Assistant Deputy Director, MDOC  
Mr. Kevin Collins, Proxy, MSP  
Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt, Proxy, Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan Sheriff’s Association (MSA)  
Ms. Sunita Doddamani, Michigan Department of Attorney General (MDAG)  
Mr. Darryl Hill, Director, Michigan Secretary of State (SOS)  
Mr. Jeremy Ludwig, Director, Allegan County Central Dispatch,  
Michigan Communications Directors Association (MCDA)  
Mr. Robert Medacco, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCM)  
Chief David Molloy, Novi Police Department, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP)  
Ms. Bobbi Morrow, Trial Court Services Management, State Court Administrative Office (SCAO)  
Ms. Jessica Payne, Proxy, Barry County Prosecutor,  
Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM)  
Mr. Jay Rice, Proxy, Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (MDTMB)  
Mr. David Russell, Operations Director, Office of Inspector General,  
Department of Human Services (DHHS)  
Sheriff Matthew Saxton, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan Sheriff’s Association (MSA)  
Judge Kirk Tabbey, 54A District Court, Michigan District Judges Association (MDJA)  
Mr. Wayne Aldrich, MSP  
Ms. Peggy Hines, SOS  
Mr. Scott Blanchard, MSP  
Ms. Mitzi Goldstein, MSP  
Mr. Ryan Manz, MSP  
Sgt. Nicole McGhee, MSP  
Ms. Bobbie Winters, MSP  
Judge Tabbey opened the meeting by welcoming new members, Ms. Doddamani, Chief Molloy, and  
Chief Dodd.  
A motion was made by Chief Molloy and seconded by Sheriff Saxton to approve the meeting minutes  
from May 3, 2019. Motion passed unanimously.  
A motion was made by Sheriff Saxton and seconded by Mr. Jeremy Ludwig to approve the amended  
meeting minutes from the March 8, 2019, meeting. Motion passed unanimously.  
Legislative Update  
A legislative update was given by Sgt. Nicole McGhee, MSP. Criminal justice legislation being  
discussed by law makers include adding a member to this board and sharing of criminal justice  
information with the Office of Auditor General and defense attorneys. Other bills included bail  
reform, concealed pistol licensing, raising the juvenile age, and fingerprinting of guardians.  
Sergeant McGhee asked that board members send her any concerns or questions in regard to these  
bills by August 20, 2019.  
CJIS Board Meeting Minutes  
Page 2  
August 16, 2019  
Administrative Rules Update  
The CJIS Administrative Rules were last updated in 2009. Judge Tabbey and Mr. Collins expressed  
appreciation to the members of the board for their input and feedback on proposed revisions to the rules.  
CJIC is drafting revisions to the final section of the rules regarding providing criminal justice information  
for research purposes.  
Motion made by Undersheriff DeWitt and seconded by Chief Molloy to adopt the Request for Rulemaking  
as proposed and submit it to the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules. Motion was  
passed unanimously.  
Board Round Table  
Mr. Jay Rice updated the Board on new technology and security within the Department of Corrections  
prison facilities. Mr. Rice suggested this may be a future agenda item as to how these systems will be  
monitored and audited.  
An e-filing update was provided by Ms. Bobbi Morrow. Phase 1 with the model civil courts is complete,  
and they are planning a rollout. Phase 2 discussions have started and will involve the criminal courts. Ms.  
Morrow proposed that a presentation be provided at the next meeting on Bail Reform.  
Judge Tabbey informed the board of the Michigan Joint Task Force (MJTF) on Jail Reform and  
Incarceration. The MJTF will be invited to the November Board Meeting to update the board on their  
mission and provide guidance on how the board can assist.  
The SOS approached the MSP about the impact of individuals changing their identity without  
documentation on their driver license. Ms. Dawn Brinningstaull requested the Board members input as to  
the impact to their agencies. The following areas were identified:  
Criminal justice systems are programmed to search on identity and would require reprogramming;  
disparency between requiring documentation for a name change but not gender change: whether  
change would be compliant with real ID/passports and selective service requirements;  
false arrest situations; gender specific laws;  
impact to MDOC for placement;  
how to handle the larger amount of data that will be returned on a query to assure officer safety;  
impact to crime solving investigations;  
how to ensure federal compliance.  
Various solutions to these topics were brainstormed.  
Motion to adjourn was made by Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt and seconded by Mr. Robert Medacco.  
Motion passed unanimously.  
Next Meeting: November 8, 2019  
MSP Headquarters – 1917 Conference Room