Filed with the secretary of state on June 22, 2022  
These rules become effective 7 days after filing with the secretary of state.  
(By authority conferred on the department of health and human services by section 6 of the  
social welfare act, 1939 PA 280, MCL 400.6)  
R 400.3155 of the Michigan Administrative Code is amended, as follows:  
R 400.3155 Applications for assistance.  
Rule 5. (1) Any person, regardless of age, may apply for assistance for himself or herself.  
With the group's permission, a person who is 18 years of age or older may be authorized to  
represent and apply on behalf of the group.  
(2) An applicant may submit an application in person, by mail, telephone, or electronically.  
The department must receive the original, signed application before benefits are approved.  
(3) A person shall complete a department application form when first applying for assistance  
benefits and when eligibility is redetermined.  
(4) If an application contains the minimum information established by the department,  
including the signature of the client or authorized representative, the department must accept and  
register the application as soon as it is filed.  
(5) Upon receipt of an incomplete application, department staff shall give or send a client an  
appropriate form that identifies the information needed to render the application complete and  
shall specify a due date by which the information must be provided. Eligibility must be denied,  
or an ongoing assistance case must be terminated, if an application remains incomplete. An  
incomplete application is valid through the last day of the month after the month of denial or  
termination and may be updated during that period.  
(6) As part of the application and redetermination process, the department may conduct an  
official, confidential interview with a client, another responsible applicant group member, or an  
authorized representative. An interview must be conducted in a department local office during  
normal weekday office hours or by telephone.  
October 20, 2021