Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules  
1. Agency Information  
Agency name:  
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs  
Bureau of Professional Licensing  
Name of person completing this form:  
Weston MacIntosh  
Phone number of person completing this form:  
E-mail of person completing this form:  
Name of Department Regulatory Affairs Officer reviewing this form:  
Elizabeth Arasim  
2. Rule Set Information  
MOAHR assigned rule set number:  
2021-58 LR  
Title of proposed rule set:  
Counseling – General Rules  
3. Purpose for the proposed rules and background:  
The Counseling – General Rules pertain to definitions, accreditation, educational training, human  
trafficking training, licensure, limited licenses, examinations, relicensure, renewal, and supervision,  
for professional counselors.  
Amendment of the rules will take place to supply necessary revisions on definitions, telehealth,  
accreditation, educational training, human trafficking training, licensure, limited licenses,  
examinations, relicensure, renewal, and supervision, for professional counselors.  
4. Summary of proposed rules:  
MCL 24.242 and 24.245  
Agency Report to JCAR-Page 2  
The proposed rules will: clarify definitions and the meaning of terms used in the rules; supply  
conditions for telehealth and related patient consent; update higher institution educational program  
accreditation standards and include Canadian program educational standards; clarify the educational  
training program requirements for applicants who are graduates of both CACREP and non-CACREP  
accredited programs; clarify language under the human trafficking rule; include clean-up of  
references to limited licensed counselor, so that the language is consistent with statute; include a new  
requirement of a separate statement to the department identifying the Michigan licensed professional  
counselor who is supervising the limited licensed counselor’s practice and the licensed professional  
counselor’s supervising qualifications; include revisions to allow experience gained in the immediate  
physical presence of the supervisor to also occur via 2-way real-time audiovisual technology that  
allows direct, contemporaneous interaction by sight and sound between the supervisor and the  
supervisee; include revisions to allow showing proof of licensure in a province of Canada as a  
pathway to licensure; clarify that showing proof of passing the National Clinical Mental Health  
Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) would also satisfy the examination requirement for relicensure;  
clarify the criteria that a limited licensed counselor must send in for the department and board’s  
consideration of an extension of the ten-year limitation to holding the limited license; and update the  
language related to supplying counseling supervision.  
5. List names of newspapers in which the notice of public hearing was published and  
publication dates:  
The Flint Journal, November 10, 2022.  
The Grand Rapids Press, November 10, 2022.  
The Mining Journal, November 23, 2022.  
6. Date of publication of rules and notice of public hearing in Michigan Register:  
7. Date, time, and location of public hearing:  
12/14/2022 09:00 AM at G. Mennen Williams Building Auditorium , 525 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing,  
8. Provide the link the agency used to post the regulatory impact statement and cost-benefit  
analysis on its website:  
9. List of the name and title of agency representative(s) who attended the public hearing:  
Weston MacIntosh, Departmental Specialist, Bureau of Professional Licensing.  
Stephanie Wysack, Departmental Technician, Bureau of Professional Licensing.  
10. Persons submitting comments of support:  
Jessica Bonneville.  
11. Persons submitting comments of opposition:  
Stefanie Frank.  
12. Persons submitting other comments:  
MCL 24.242 and 24.245  
Agency Report to JCAR-Page 3  
13. Identify any changes made to the proposed rules based on comments received during the  
public comment period:  
Name &  
Organization public hearing  
Comments made at Written  
Agency Rationale Rule number  
for Rule Change & citation  
and Description changed  
of Change(s)  
14.Date report completed:  
MCL 24.242 and 24.245