Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs  
Bureau of Professional Licensing  
Administrative Rules for Physical Therapy - General Rules  
Rule Set 2020-111 LR  
Thursday, September 9, 2021  
09:00 AM  
G. Mennen Williams Building Auditorium  
525 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing, Michigan  
The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will hold a public hearing to receive public  
comments on proposed changes to the Physical Therapy - General Rules rule set.  
The proposed revisions to the rules supply conditions related to consent, scope of practice, and standard  
of care for telehealth services; supply conditions under which the board will consider a request from an  
applicant for an appeal of current examination policies; remove the English language requirement, as the  
Public Health Code – General Rules now address the requirement; incorporate the recent legislative  
changes that allow licensure by endorsement for individuals licensed in another state or a province of  
Canada; revise the requirements for verification of licenses held in other jurisdictions; remove the  
requirement to meet in-person to evaluate the physical therapist assistant's performance, review records,  
and to educate the physical therapist assistant on the acts, tasks, or functions delegated; supply updated  
accreditation standards, names of entities; and allows credit for instruction or serving as a coordinator in  
developing educational programs.  
By authority conferred on the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs under MCL 333.16141,  
MCL 333.16145, MCL 333.16148, MCL 333.16174, MCL 333.16201, MCL 333.16204, MCL 333.16205,  
MCL 333.16206, MCL 333.16215, MCL 333.16287, and MCL 333.17823 and Executive Reorganization  
Nos. 1991-9, 1996-2, 2003-1 and 2011-4, MCL 338.3501, 445.2001, 445.2011, and 445.2030. The  
proposed rules will take effect immediately after filing with the Secretary of State. The proposed rules are  
Register in the 9/1/2021 issue. Copies of these proposed rules may also be obtained by mail or  
electronic transmission at the following address:  
Comments on these proposed rules may be made at the hearing or by mail or electronic mail at the  
following address until 9/9/2021 at 05:00PM.  
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Professional Licensing – Boards and  
Committees Section P.O. Box 30670 Lansing, MI 48909-8170 Attention: Policy Analyst  
The public hearing will be conducted in compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. If the  
hearing is held at a physical location, the building will be accessible with handicap parking available.  
Anyone needing assistance to take part in the hearing due to disability may call 517-241-7500 to make