Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules  
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Lansing, MI 48909  
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1. Department:  
Labor and Economic Opportunity  
2. Bureau:  
Michigan Housing Development Authority  
3. Promulgation type:  
Full Process  
4. Title of proposed rule set:  
State Housing Development Authority – General Rules  
5. Rule numbers or rule set range of numbers:  
R 124.101 - R 125.224  
6. Estimated time frame:  
6 months  
Name of person filling out RFR:  
Geoffrey Ehnis-Clark  
E-mail of person filling out RFR:  
Phone number of person filling out RFR:  
Address of person filling out RFR:  
735 W. Michigan Ave, PO Box 30044, Lansing, MI 48909  
7. Describe the general purpose of these rules, including any problems the changes are intended  
to address.  
The MSHDA administrative rule set defines guidelines for a variety of programs authorized by the  
State Housing Development Authority Act of 1966. Proposed revisions and changes are generally  
to address clarity, modern usage, and adherence to current Rule Style Guide. R 125.203(d) is  
revised to incorporate federal definition; R 125.111 adds sub (3) to impose time limit on appeals  
from Authority decisions where no statutory or rule limit otherwise applies. R 125.146(6) revised  
to reflect industry standard practice, and R 125.146(8) added for internal clarity. Note that intent is  
to remove "Part 9A" as designation, such that R125.193 through R125.199 will fall within Part 9  
for clarity and consistency.  
8. Please cite the specific promulgation authority for the rules (i.e. department director,  
commission, board, etc.).  
The authority possesses all powers necessary or convenient to carry out the State Housing  
Development Authority Act of 1966, including the power to promulgate rules necessary to carry  
out the purposes of the Act.  
A. Please list all applicable statutory references (MCLs, Executive Orders, etc.).  
MCL 125.1422(o), MCL 125.1415a(7), and MCL 125.1458b(7).  
MCL 24.239  
RFR-Page 2  
B. Are the rules mandated by any applicable constitutional or statutory provision? If so, please  
MCL 125.1422(o), MCL 125.1415a(7), and MCL 125.1458b(7).  
9. Please describe the extent to which the rules conflict with or duplicate similar rules,  
compliance requirements, or other standards adopted at the state, regional, or federal level.  
None. These revisions were in part developed to remove conflict and duplication while ensuring  
consistency with applicable federal rules.  
10. Is the subject matter of the rules currently contained in any guideline, handbook, manual,  
instructional bulletin, form with instructions, or operational memoranda?  
The general subject matter, MSHDA programs, is addressed in a variety of guidelines and forms.  
Only guidelines and forms related to single family mortgage loans should be affected by revision  
per R 125.146; these guidelines and forms will be simplified with the proposed rule revision.  
11. Are the rules listed on the department’s annual regulatory plan as rules to be processed  
for the current year?  
12. Will the proposed rules be promulgated under Section 44 of the Administrative Procedures  
Act, 1969 PA 306, MCL 24.244, or under the full rulemaking process?  
Full Process  
13. Please describe the extent to which the rules exceed similar regulations, compliance  
requirements, or other standards adopted at the state, regional, or federal level.  
The revisions to do not exceed similar regulations, compliance regulations, or other standards.  
14. Do the rules incorporate the recommendations received from the public regarding any  
complaints or comments regarding the rules? If yes, please explain.  
The proposed rule revisions were initiated by MSHDA staff as most existing rules have not been  
reviewed since 2009. The proposed revisions were circulated to external stakeholders for informal  
comment, which comments informed the proposed revisions.  
15. If amending an existing rule set, please provide the date of the last evaluation of the rules  
and the degree, if any, to which technology, economic conditions, or other factors have changed  
the regulatory activity covered by the rules since the last evaluation.  
Prior evaluation was 2009. Administrative Rule Style Guide, industry parlance, and applicable  
federal terminology have changed since last evaluation.  
16. Are there any changes or developments since implementation that demonstrate there is no  
continued need for the rules, or any portion of the rules?  
17. Is there an applicable decision record (as defined in MCL 24.203(6) and required by MCL  
24.239(2))? If so, please attach the decision record.  
MCL 24.239