00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:06.020  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Good morning, it is 9:00 AM I'm going to give the lobby. About 5 more minutes before we kick off this  
00:01:23.170 --> 00:01:26.080  
Clark, Cathy A. (Treasury)  
00:05:20.290 --> 00:05:25.780  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Good morning, it is 905 and we will open the hearing at this time.  
00:05:27.180 --> 00:05:56.770  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
This is a public hearing on proposed administrative rules entitled School Bond qualification approval and  
loan rules. This hearing is being conducted pursuant to provisions of 2005, PA 92 MCL 388.1931 and  
Section 33 of 1969, PA 306 MCL 24.2012.  
00:05:56.830 --> 00:06:04.700  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
24.328 and on behalf of the Department of Treasury school bond qualification and loan program.  
00:06:05.570 --> 00:06:25.270  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
This hearing is being called to order at 9:05 AM on September 16th 2001 virtually on teams to help  
prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 as well as in person in the Austin building downtown  
Lansing. My name is Janelle say Ben and I will be facilitating the hearing today.  
00:06:26.530 --> 00:06:44.240  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Please know we are here today to receive your comments on the proposed rules if you wish to speak.  
Please make sure to use the hand, raising options at the top toolbar to indicate your willingness to  
speak. I will call in speakers in order in which I received them when you come forward to speak, please  
00:06:45.600 --> 00:07:05.950  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Identify yourself with your name, your organization and your email address, let this information can be  
transcribed into the hearing report if you have additional comments to submit in writing. You may email  
me directly at 7:00. J one@michigan.gov or call me at 5:17 335.  
00:07:07.310 --> 00:07:20.620  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
4302 no later than 5:00 o'clock PM today. All of this information is in the chat box. I have also attached  
the proposed rules and the regulatory impact statement and cost benefit analysis.  
00:07:21.740 --> 00:07:23.800  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
We are open to take questions at this time.  
02:00:22.070 --> 02:00:24.940  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Are there any other people who wish to speak at this time?  
02:00:26.740 --> 02:00:38.580  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
If there are no further comments. I hereby declare the hearing closed any additional comments  
regarding the proposed rules that you may wish to share must be submitted in writing to save and J  
02:00:39.490 --> 02:00:48.060  
Sabin, Janelle (TREASURY)  
Again, this information is located in the chat box, the current time is 11:00 o'clock AM. Thank you for  
logging on.