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Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Good afternoon my name is Brad Deacon and I am. The hearing officer for the Michigan Department of  
Agriculture and rural development.  
00:00:06.920 --> 00:00:15.880  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Today I'm conducting the public hearing on the proposed changes to rules 13 and 7 within regulation  
634 titled Commercial fertilizers.  
00:00:16.610 --> 00:00:22.410  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
For the record the date is December 7th 2021 and the time is 103.  
00:00:24.030 --> 00:00:32.910  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
We are conducting this hearing, both in person here in the Theodore Brown conference room in  
Constitution Hall, 525 West Allegan Street Lansing, Michigan.  
00:00:33.630 --> 00:00:46.370  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
And virtually using Microsoft Teams, not only for the protection of the public and Department staff, but  
also to allow for greater participation by interested parties across the state without having to drive to  
the Lansing area.  
00:00:47.440 --> 00:00:54.180  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
President today from the Michigan Department of agricultural development are Jaime Guardiola Jarrod  
00:00:54.900 --> 00:00:58.040  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Tim Lions feed safety and fertilizer program manager.  
00:00:58.750 --> 00:01:05.300  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Mike Phillips director of the test site and plant pest management division and legal intern Bradley  
00:01:06.550 --> 00:01:14.190  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
On behalf of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and rural development and its director, Gary  
McDowell. Welcome to today's public hearing.  
00:01:15.760 --> 00:01:23.820  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
This hearing is being conducted under authority provided to the director in the natural resources and  
Environmental Protection Act, part 85 fertilizers.  
00:01:24.540 --> 00:01:33.650  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
At Section 324 dot 8516 of the Michigan compiled laws or 85 provides her regulation of the sale and use  
of fertilizers.  
00:01:34.780 --> 00:01:41.940  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Notice of this public hearing was published in the Michigan Register on December first 2021 in issue 21.  
00:01:42.930 --> 00:01:47.180  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Legal notices were also published in the Escanaba Daily Press on November 5th.  
00:01:48.040 --> 00:01:57.120  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
And the Muskegon Chronicle and the Bay City times on November 7th. This hearing is being recorded,  
using Microsoft Teams and a transcript will be generated if needed.  
00:01:57.850 --> 00:01:59.450  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Copies of the proposed amendments.  
00:02:00.050 --> 00:02:04.390  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
2 rules 12 and 7 for regulation 634 commercial fertilizers.  
00:02:05.270 --> 00:02:17.570  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
As well as the regulatory impact statement and cost benefit analysis developed by the Department are  
available from the Department and have been posted on the website for the Michigan Office of  
administrative hearings and rules.  
00:02:18.620 --> 00:02:24.940  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Written comments must be received by the close of business tomorrow Wednesday, December 8th until  
5:00 PM.  
00:02:25.970 --> 00:02:28.530  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
If anyone has written comments but has not yet sent them.  
00:02:29.290 --> 00:02:31.790  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Uh we can provide the email address.  
00:02:32.300 --> 00:02:35.830  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Uh within the Microsoft Teams function.  
00:02:38.390 --> 00:02:45.700  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
At this point we have no members of the public so I will dispense with going through how we would call  
on people.  
00:02:46.570 --> 00:02:57.280  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Uh in synopsis the proposed changes to rules 12 and 7 or to allow the state of Michigan to align with  
current national standards on labeling of nutrients and to streamline reporting requirements.  
00:02:59.770 --> 00:03:10.650  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
At this point since we have just started and it is only 106. We will go into recess and return at 1:30 or  
whenever anyone from the public joins.  
00:32:16.010 --> 00:32:18.960  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Right well it is 135 so.  
00:32:20.680 --> 00:32:21.800  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
To my camera back.  
00:32:23.930 --> 00:32:54.230  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Good afternoon again, it the time is 135. We have come out of recess and at this point we still have no  
members of the public here on the Microsoft Teams or having come to the building. We have gotten  
one at least one comment in writing through email. We will continue to wait and see if we receive any  
other comments through the end.  
00:32:54.280 --> 00:32:58.790  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Up tomorrow Wednesday, December 8th 5:00 PM.  
00:32:59.650 --> 00:33:06.000  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Uh thank you to all of you staff who attended today's public comment hearing.  
00:33:07.080 --> 00:33:16.620  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
This is an important step in the regulatory process and the rule, making process to provide the  
opportunity for people to comment and in this case.  
00:33:16.670 --> 00:33:29.050  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
So we have not received not received any members of the public at today's meeting, but we will  
continue to see what comes in. In written format, so with that.  
00:33:29.670 --> 00:33:34.410  
Deacon, Brad (MDARD)  
Uh to the hearing is closed that area at the time is 136.