0:0:0.0 --> 0:0:18.170  
Good morning. My name is Brad Deacon and I am the hearing officer for the Michigan Department of  
Agriculture and Rural Development. Today, I am conducting the public hearing on the proposed changes  
to rules 205, two, 14 and 2:15 within Regulation 623 titled Field seed certification.  
0:0:18.880 --> 0:0:25.60  
For the record, the date is August 18th, 2022 and the time is 9:00 AM.  
0:0:26.330 --> 0:0:44.140  
We are conducting this hearing both in person here in the Theodore Brown conference room in  
Constitution Hall, 525 W Allegan St, Lansing, MI, and virtually using Microsoft Teams to allow for greater  
participation by interested parties across the state without having to drive to the Lansing area.  
0:0:45.90 --> 0:0:54.850  
President present today from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development are  
Michael Phillip, director, pesticide and Plant Pest Management division, Jamie Guardiola.  
0:0:55.550 --> 0:0:57.130  
And Joshua cynic.  
0:0:58.650 --> 0:1:8.780  
On behalf of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and its director, Gary  
McDowell, welcome to today's public hearing. We very much appreciate your interest in attendance  
0:1:9.900 --> 0:1:38.760  
This hearing is being conducted under authority provided to the director in the certification of Seed Act  
at Section 286.72 of the Michigan compiled laws. The director is the legal seed certifying officer of the  
state and May promulgate rules governing the certification of seed as to variety, type, strain or other  
genetic character, and the labeling of certified seed and may adopt general seeds certification standards  
in cooperation with certifying agencies.  
0:1:39.570 --> 0:1:48.910  
Notice of this public hearing was published in the Michigan Register on August 1st, 2022, in issue #13 of  
0:1:49.630 --> 0:1:59.760  
Legal notices were also published in the Grand Rapids Press and the Saint Joseph Harold Palladium on  
July 19th, and the Economic Daily Press on July 20th.  
0:2:0.560 --> 0:2:5.460  
This hearing is being recorded using Microsoft Teams, and a transcript will be generated if needed.  
0:2:6.280 --> 0:2:18.810  
Copies of the proposed amendments to rules to 042, fourteen and 2:15 for Regulation, 623 fields seed  
certification, as well as the regulatory impact statement and cost benefit analysis.  
0:2:19.670 --> 0:2:46.380  
Developed by the department are available from the department and have been posted on the website  
for the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules. Written comments must be received by  
the close of business tomorrow, Friday, August 19th, 2022 until 5:00 PM if anyone has written  
comments, but it's not yet sent them, please raise your hand in the virtual room and I will provide an e-  
mail address, fax number, or US mailing address.  
0:2:47.660 --> 0:3:1.690  
Asked that everyone in in attendance who wishes to speak in today's hearing a hearing to please raise  
your hand in the virtual setting if you are able to do so, I will call on everyone who indicates a desire to  
speak, including those who are attending by telephone only.  
0:3:2.360 --> 0:3:16.210  
Anyone present who wishes to have their attendance included in the record but who does not wish to  
speak, please provide your name and city in the chat function. If you are unable to do that, I will ask that  
for that information as well. At the conclusion of the hearing.  
0:3:17.500 --> 0:3:24.270  
But when I call on you to speak, please state your name. Spell your last name and indicate whom you  
represent. If you represent an organization.  
0:3:25.190 --> 0:3:35.260  
By way of ground rules, let me stay state that our purpose today is to gather comments and concerns  
from the public for the record, which will be considered during the administrative rulemaking process.  
0:3:35.950 --> 0:3:55.660  
In synopsis, the proposed changes to rules 204, two, 14, and 2:15 of Regulation 623 would align  
Michigan standards with current national standards on distance requirements for production of certified  
seed. At this point, I will call on Michael Phillip from the department's pesticide and Plant Pest  
Management division for any additional comments.  
0:3:57.590 --> 0:4:0.300  
No additional comments, but thank you.  
0:4:2.790 --> 0:4:4.760  
We have one person in.  
0:4:5.960 --> 0:4:12.170  
In Constitution Hall with us. And so with that, I will ask if you have any public comments.  
0:4:13.220 --> 0:4:20.790  
Uh, my name is Christie G Last name is TIEDJE.  
0:4:21.170 --> 0:4:22.960  
Uh, I.  
0:4:23.870 --> 0:4:30.440  
Represent Michigan crap improvements. The seat certification agency and from a.  
0:4:31.480 --> 0:4:32.170  
0:4:33.510 --> 0:4:39.120  
From a functional standpoint to we support these changes they have been.  
0:4:41.410 --> 0:4:47.70  
Supported by our Board of Directors as an association, they are.  
0:4:49.340 --> 0:5:8.790  
In alignment with some of the other industry, there's a most recent another state that has developed  
similar standard changes. Wisconsin crop improvement. They have just within the last year made.  
0:5:10.150 --> 0:5:17.400  
An amendment to allowing them to 20 other crop in similar situation.  
0:5:18.640 --> 0:5:19.260  
0:5:20.290 --> 0:5:24.880  
But but we we think that this is going to benefit to the the.  
0:5:25.940 --> 0:5:30.830  
This the seed industry by allowing.  
0:5:32.420 --> 0:5:34.810  
Easier and and more.  
0:5:36.690 --> 0:5:47.420  
More readily available boat seat in particular to the market, without really compromising any any any.  
0:5:48.810 --> 0:5:53.330  
Any effects to to either the the seed that the grain industry?  
0:5:55.20 --> 0:5:55.630  
0:5:56.880 --> 0:5:57.750  
Farmers in general.  
0:6:0.960 --> 0:6:1.650  
Thank you.  
0:6:5.590 --> 0:6:10.380  
Looking at the chatters and do we have? We have no other members of the public.  
0:6:12.830 --> 0:6:19.790  
If there are no other members of the public who would like to speak, we will take a recess. The time is  
0:6:20.740 --> 0:6:24.730  
And we will work reconvene at 9:35.  
0:35:15.860 --> 0:35:21.640  
At this point, at 9:35, we will reconvene to take any additional public comment.  
0:35:25.760 --> 0:35:33.300  
The time is 935. We've asked if and there are still no one else on online.  
0:35:34.460 --> 0:35:53.880  
If anyone for the record, I have not received any additional slips or notices of people wishing to speak or  
who have spoken or wish to make additional comments that we remind everyone that written  
comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM tomorrow, Friday, August 19th.  
0:35:55.480 --> 0:36:3.700  
2022 If anyone needs information on how to provide that to department, please say so, let me know or  
see me after the hearing.  
0:36:4.480 --> 0:36:14.730  
Thank you all to all who attended today's public comment. Hearing your interest in this matter is  
certainly appreciated. This hearing is closed at 9:36.  
0:36:16.860 --> 0:36:17.470