Endangered & Threatened Species List Ruleset Public Hearing  
August 30, 2022  
This public hearing is being called to order at 9:22 am, on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. We are at the  
Michigan History Center, 702 West Kalamazoo Avenue in Lansing, Michigan. This hearing is being audio  
recorded. My name is Margaret Rost, and I will be facilitating the hearing.  
MCL 324.36503(1) of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act requires the Department  
of Natural Resources to promulgate rules listing those species of fish, plants, and wildlife that are  
determined to be endangered or threatened within the state. The Department of Natural Resources is  
also required, under MCL 324.36503(2) to conduct a review of the state list of endangered and  
threatened species every 2 years and may amend the list as needed.  
This public hearing is being conducted pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, Public Act 306 of  
The public hearing notice was published in the following Michigan newspapers of general circulation:  
The Jackson Citizen Patriot; The St. Ignace News; and The Traverse City Record Eagle.  
The notice was also published in the Michigan Register and posted on the Department website.  
The purpose of this public hearing is to provide the public with an opportunity to give views and  
comments on the proposed amendments to the administrative rules set, Endangered and Threatened  
Species List, R 299.1021 through R 299.1028. Public input is an important part of this administrative  
process and will be included in the official record.  
I will call speakers up from the cards that we have received. When you come forward, please state for  
the record your name and the organization or company that you may be representing. Try to keep your  
comments to under five minutes. When your five minutes are up, I will hold up the “Time Please” sign  
and please bring your comments to a close at that time. I would like to ask everyone to respect each  
person’s opportunity to speak, so if you have a cell phone, please put it on silent at this time.  
I have not received any cards at this point. Is there anyone that would like to speak? There are no  
speakers at this time. We would like to call a recess to this public hearing and will re-open this session  
when additional speakers arrive or at approximately 10:55 am, whichever is sooner.  
We are re-opening the public hearing on the Endangered and Threatened Species list. We have had no  
comments up to this point. If there are no further comments at this time, we are declaring this hearing  
closed at 10:55 am. The record will remain open until 5:00 pm on Friday, September 30, 2022, for  
additional comments the public may wish to share regarding the proposed administrative rule set.  
Thank you.