September 9, 2021  
Samantha K. Balk  
Compliance Manager  
42 Degrees Processing, LLC  
C: 918-779-8192  
To the Marijuana Regulatory Agency:  
The following documentation encompasses the comments of myself and some of  
my coworkers in the marijuana industry regarding necessary clarifications and/or  
suggestions about the ruleset. I have it broken down by each rule.  
As the compliance manager at 42 Degrees Processing, LLC, a medical and adult  
use processing facility in Kalkaska, MI, my first priority is to protect our licenses by  
making sure that our facility is compliant with all requirements set forth by the  
MRA. Primarily, that goal is accomplished by a clearly defined set of rules to which  
can be adhered. What follows are observations based on the challenges I have  
faced as a compliance officer, as well as comments heard in the public. Any  
criticism and/or request is my own, but proposed as a means toward the end of  
clear rules that we can follow without further requirement for clarification. If any  
further clarification on my comments is required, I would be happy to take a phone  
My greatest concern is with the areas of potential loopholes. I may also mention  
cost, though this is frequently due to the cost of operations, which I must also be  
mindful of.  
Thank you very much for the time put into clarifying the ruleset and frequently  
providing guidance, most especially to me. And thanks to everyone at the MRA for  
providing and supporting this industry that I thoroughly enjoy, as it presents  
constant challenges that have given me a rewarding and important job here at 42