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Good morning, Dena,  
I am not sure what this is…You?  
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Subject: (MOAHR #2022-49 LR) - The Class of '87  
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Ah yes, the old MCOAA Newsletter Chair is back.  
Hi all!  
338.322: TMOD (93) is 'e'mbedded not imbedded.  
That's all the passive-aggressive I have. Ok, who needs a laugh:  
No application for COPE-Approved Optometric CE Certification was applied for ACMO or CPDO.  
Yep, you read that right. COPE Certification was NOT APPLIED FOR for ACMO (82) and CPDO (632).  
These appear as 12 NON-COPE Correspondence (may now appear as Online Enduring) CE Credits.  
This is how these appear in my ARBO/COPE OE Tracker.  
This may prevent the phone calls later.  
I took and passed both of these (2009, 2015) because I was helping Kevin and Barb with AOA/ABO  
Board Cert.  
and was blessed with The Mother of All "See Me, NPK" 's so I helped out a little.  
My thoughts on CE? Go big or go home! Who cares about credits, I just like to learn, take Boards  
and get sharp.  
I took ACMO in preparation for the Optometric ABO Board. Hardest 119 score /91 minutes of my  
Part 2 Redux life.  
So, no, don't count "the ABO" either.  
Remind folks that, although some components may be considered Board- (or COPE-) Approved  
Optometric Continuing Education,  
being granted a Fellowship (FAAO, FCOVD, FBCLA, FIACLE, FNAO, FOAA et. al. ) isn't considered  
COPE-Approved or Board Certified CE.  
Neither is any awarded Academy, ABCMO (Sorry, Ken), American Board of Optometry or any other  
Diplomate, controversial or otherwise,  
unless approved at the discretion of the Michigan Board of Optometry.  
Lesson: Just because you are taking a Board or had been granted or conferred upon a Fellowship,  
funded an endowed scholarship named for you, wrote some big check for your kid's OD tuition or  
just won The Optic Cup,  
this does not make it LIVE, COPE-Approved or Board-Approved Optometric CE. Instead,  
Use ARBO/COPE OE Tracker to fill in your CE Tracker. Then, DON'T SKIMP ON YOUR $34 AHA ONLINE  
If you have to explain it to a colleague, tell them dead folks don't buy glasses, dilate well or return for  
follow-up. To avoid this:  
Pay the $50 for the live "pump and blow" class (their words, not mine- kinda runs counter to the  
Good Moral Character Requirement)  
Then, Go to Zoom class, manage pain, watch Lillian and color in 80% of your dots. It is just that  
Relearn, rinse and repeat.  
OETracker, print, relearn, CETracker.  
Do it for Big Gretch. It is all we ask.  
338.303 Training Standards  
b. ii. (valid, recognized and respectable) state or federal agency (vs. see 5) below:).  
iii. educational program [for initial licensure] [or by a college or university] approved* by the  
Board. Period. Approved organizations may not have to submit an application for CE Approval by  
the Board.  
(Cut: <for initial licensure/>snip, <or by a (college or university)>snip.)  
*An Approved Organization refers to or may include: 1) US Dept. of Education (USDOE), 2)  
Council on Post Secondary Education (CPSE), 3) A college or other teaching institution accredited by  
the USDOE / CPSE, 4) The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals or  
Healthcare Organizations (JCAHPO), 5) Federal, state AND LOCAL government agencies, 6) A national  
organization of professional healthcare practitioners whose members practicing in Michigan are  
subject to regulation by a Board or Agency regulating an occupation or occupation under this title or  
(Michigan equivalent id Indiana Code IC 15 e.g.), 7) A national, state, district or local organization  
listed in 1-5, 8) An internship or ACOE-Accredited (VA) residency program listed in 1-5, and 9) ANY  
iv. ... ... ... human trafficking...(a) of this subrule and is published in a reputable, peer-reviewed  
professional, healthcare or scientific journal 1) recognized by an Approved Organization above, 2)  
reasonably believed to meet Board approval, or 3) reasonably meets COPE, ACCME or ACGME  
Hope this helps.  
Yours most sincerely,  
Robert T. Kocembo, OD, ChFC  
Roko Research and Design, PLLC