Podiatric Medicine and Surgery General Rules 2020 24 LR  
Public Comment Summary  
Department’s response to Public Comments  
Testimony/Comments Received:  
1. Adam Carlson, Michigan Health & Hospital Association  
2. Derek Dalling, Michigan Podiatric Medical Association  
3. Stacey Hettinger, Michigan State Medical Society  
3. Julie Novak, Michigan State Medical Society  
Rule 338.8104 Examinations; adoption; required components; passing score.  
Rule Numbers  
1, 3, 4  
The commenters stated that the Part II Clinical Skills Patient Encounter examination  
requirement should be removed for 2021 and any future year where that portion of the  
examination is not offered.  
Rule 338.8104 is not included in the proposed draft rules, so the requested change cannot be made as it  
would violate the Administrative Procedures Act. The board has already voted to open the rules once the  
current draft rules are promulgated with the intent to amend rule 104. The comments received will be  
considered by the board and the department when the rules are reopened.