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6A The Mining Journal  
Good advice  
Dear Annie  
Even the smallest  
add-on can add  
up to millions  
At the end of my rope  
with husband’s family  
ear Annie: My  
husband and I  
have been mar-  
ried for three  
He also said he didn’t  
think his son was “follow- Somehow, I suddenly real-  
ing his earlier beliefs any- ized I was not being a good  
more,” and that he was  
anxious to “get this  
ford to buy basic groceries.  
ear Car Talk: I  
love your column  
and wouldn’t  
role model for our sons. I  
asked myself what advice I  
would have for a stranger  
in the same situation. I  
found an attorney. I gave  
my husband 60 days to  
land a job — any job, even  
part-time — or I would  
file for divorce.  
years. Life together has  
been good since our rela-  
tionship blossomed al-  
most five years ago. But  
my in-laws have never  
supported our relation-  
ship because I’m not a  
member of the Latter-day  
Saints church, and be-  
cause our relationship  
started while we were  
both separated but not di-  
vorced from our previous  
miss it. Here’s  
my question: Why don’t  
car manufacturers put  
two sun visors on cars —  
one for the windshield  
and one for the side win-  
It’s interesting that af-  
ter all this time and sepa-  
ration, he is thinking  
about proselytizing to his  
son, rather than just  
meeting him wherever he  
is in life. Perhaps the son  
wanted to escape from  
this aspect of his father.  
The fact that he wants to  
“fix” his son’s beliefs is a  
I live where there are  
lots of winding roads, and  
every time I go around a  
bend, the sun “shifts” and  
ends up right in my eyes.  
Years ago, I had a Vol-  
vo with two visors, so  
when I was driving, I did-  
n’t have to keep flipping  
the visor back and forth  
from front to side as I  
drove. Thanks. — Fran  
A handful of cars I’ve  
After 30 days, I remind-  
ed him of my ultimatum  
and said that I was still se-  
rious. At 60 days, I said I  
was going to the lawyer to-  
They are toxic, and I am  
much happier, and my  
red flag for me, and possi- day. He asked for counsel-  
bly a clue to the estrange- ing. I said it was too late. I  
that the demand is not uni-  
versal. Not that many peo-  
ple regularly drive on the  
kinds of roads you drive  
on, Fran.  
While we do hear from  
people who want two vi-  
sors, it’s not what we’d call  
a groundswell. It’s current-  
ly tied with electronic butt  
scratchers as the 131st  
most-requested new car  
It would be nice if you  
could order it as an option.  
But it’s not necessarily  
easy to add on after the car  
is built, since it’s mounted  
to the underside of the  
car’s roof. So you’ll proba-  
bly have to do what your  
fellow sun-in-your-eyes-  
on-winding-roads compa-  
triots do, Fran. Get a good  
pair of sunglasses or a strip  
of tinted plastic and some  
double-sided tape for the  
top of your side window.  
Happy squinting!  
When we get together  
for family events or vaca-  
tions, my in-laws ignore  
marriage is much healthi- ment. The father might be checked out as soon as the  
er, without them. My hus- better off doing some self- 60-day timer went off.  
me entirely (won’t look or band wants to spend time  
speak to me for days). If I with his family. What  
reflection. — Skeptical in  
NY State  
Staying for the sake of the  
children is noble in  
am spoken to, anything I  
say is manipulated and  
turned into something it  
isn’t. Nobody in my hus-  
band’s family attended  
our wedding, and nobody  
reached out when I gave  
birth to our son over a  
year ago.  
should I do? — Impossi-  
ble In-Laws  
Dear Impossible In-Laws: as you say, is often a cru-  
Family is a gift, and I usu-  
ally suggest that we do ev-  
erything in our power to  
hold our families close and  
make amends in times of  
Dear Annie: Meeting our  
loved ones where they are,  
thought, but not worth it  
for anyone involved. —  
Been There, Got Out and  
driven have had them,  
Fran. But off the top of my  
head, I can’t remember  
which ones.  
cial part of maintaining dif- Lived Happily Ever After  
ficult relationships. Thank  
you for your wise perspec-  
Dear Annie: I resem-  
bled the woman who  
wrote to say that she was  
staying married for the  
Dear Been There: You  
were really being taken ad-  
vantage of, and your resolve  
is admirable. Sounds like  
your husband pushed as far  
as he could, figuring you  
would cave, but you did not.  
If you really are living hap-  
pily ever after, more power  
to you.  
I know I’ve driven older  
Ford Explorers with them,  
and older Nissan Pathfind-  
ers. And I occasionally see  
them on some higher-end  
cars like Porsches and  
Range Rovers, when cus-  
tomers let me sit in them.  
Why doesn’t everybody  
do it? Well, I don’t want to  
accuse the automotive in-  
dustry of being cheap, but  
I’m guessing that the extra  
cost is a factor. Maybe it  
only costs a few dollars to  
add a second visor, but you  
multiply that by a million  
vehicles a year and sudden-  
ly your customers are say-  
ing, “Wait, the tire tread is  
My husband is aware of  
Your case is different;  
their treatment, but he ig- you must set boundaries to  
nores them and pretends  
that everything is fine  
even though this has hurt  
protect your marriage, your sake of her son. My then-  
happiness and your son,  
husband quit his job  
who deserves an abundance shortly after the birth of  
our fourth son, and it  
me quite deeply. After my of love and not the os-  
If, on the other hand, you  
mother-in-law didn’t  
show up for our son’s  
birth, spread lies, said I  
wasn’t welcome in her  
home and stopped com-  
tracism of his father’s fami- took me seven years to re- want to allow your husband  
ly. Exposing him to such  
negativity will do only  
alize that honor, mar-  
riage, family and commit- ingness to enter counseling  
back into your life, his will-  
ment mean partnership  
— not martyrdom.  
I worked full time, went  
back to grad school to en-  
hance my earning power  
and did nearly all of the  
could be a healthy first step  
toward reconciliation. The  
good news is that the deci-  
sions about your future are  
up to you, and not anyone  
else, because of your  
strength of character.  
Thanks for sharing your sto-  
Do not allow such toxici-  
municating with us for al- ty in your home. If your  
most a year, she wants to  
begin visiting to see her  
grandson. She visited a  
couple of weeks ago but  
didn’t interact with our  
son, and when we ex-  
plained how much she  
husband wishes to see his  
family, he can visit them  
question about cars? Email to  
Car Talk by visiting the Car Talk  
Dear Annie: After read- housework while he re-  
ing the letter from “Des-  
perate for my Son,” from  
the parents whose son  
mained unemployed. As  
time wore on, the environ-  
ment grew toxic, as I was  
constantly angry and wor-  
I think the other factor is  
your questions for Annie Lane  
to To  
find out more about Annie Lane  
and read features by other Cre-  
ators Syndicate columnists and  
cartoonists, visit the Creators  
hurt us and how much we was ignoring them, I no-  
wished she was a part of  
our lives, she just blew us  
off without taking any  
ownership of her actions.  
I don’t want to be  
ticed something that you  
didn’t mention. Toward  
the end of the letter, the  
father mentioned that he  
and his wife were Chris-  
One night, I came home  
in tears at 10:30 p.m. be-  
cause I had gone to the  
grocery store after night  
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around these people.  
tians and “love the Lord.” classes and could not af-  
Public Notice  
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs  
Bureau of Professional Licensing  
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  
Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services  
May 12, 2022  
9:00 a.m.  
Lead Service Section – Children’s Health Insurance Plan  
State Plan Amendment Request - Lead in Water Removal of  
Galvanized Plumbing and Blood Lead Reference Value Change  
Location: G. Mennen Williams Building Auditorium  
525 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing, Michigan  
The hearing is held to receive public comments on the following administrative rules:  
Accountancy – General Rules (MOAHR #2021-046 LR)  
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)  
plans to submit a State Plan Amendment (SPA) request to the  
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to establish  
protocol within the Children’s Health Insurance Program lead  
abatement Health Services Initiative to include the following:  
Authority: MCL 339.205, MCL 339.308, MCL 339.721, MCL 339.725, MCL 339.726, MCL 339.728, and MCL 339.729, and Executive  
Reorganization Order Nos. 1991-9, 1996-2, 2003-1, 2008-4, and 2011-4, MCL 338.3501, MCL 445.2001, MCL 445.2011, MCL  
445.2025, and MCL 445.2030.  
Overview: The proposed revisions to the rules: clarify the meaning of terms used in the proposed rules and removal of definitions  
that are no longer necessary or are duplicative of definitions found in the Occupational Code; include the most current accounting  
standards published and supplies the cost for obtaining copies of the adopted standards; updated educational standards and supply  
the cost for obtaining copies of the adopted standards; clarify that the responsibility for compliance with the rules of professional  
conduct extends to officers, employees, partners, and principals; clarify that an individual licensee, a firm licensee, an individual  
with practice privileges, or an out-of-state firm may perform attest services of an enterprise only if they are independent from the  
enterprise; clarify that commission means any consideration paid to an individual licensee, a firm licensee, an individual with practice  
privileges, or an out-of-state firm by a third party in connection with a recommendation or referral of a person to the third party; and  
clarify that qualified sponsoring organizations include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) peer review  
program, other entities that adhere to the standards under R 338.5102(1)(a) as decided by the board, and a peer review sponsoring  
organization approved by another state.  
Lead in Water Removal of Galvanized Plumbing  
Remove any galvanized plumbing components identified between a  
lead in water exceedance and the faucet. Galvanized plumbing can be  
a continued source of lead exposure, even when the lead plumbing  
components are removed. This will allow for better protection of all  
Blood Lead Reference Value (BLRV) Change  
Current language in the CHIP-SPA states, “Medicaid or CHIP-eligible  
beneficiaries that have a blood lead level ≥ 5 ug/dL in non-target  
areas will also be eligible for abatement activities.”  
To align with our pending change to the BLRV, revise language to  
state, “Medicaid or CHIP-eligible beneficiaries that have a blood  
lead level ≥ 3.5 ug/dL in non-target areas will also be eligible for  
abatement activities.”  
Licensed Midwifery (MOAHR #2020-129 LR)  
Authority: MCL 333.16145, 333.16148, 333.16174, 333.16178, 333.16181, 333.16182, 333.16186, 333.16201, 333.16204,  
333.16205, 333.16215, 333.16287, 333.17107, 333.17111, 333.17112, 333.17115, 333.17116, 333.17117, and 333.17121, and  
Executive Reorganization Order Nos. 1991-9, 1996-2, 2003-1, and 2011-4, MCL 338.3501, 445.2001, 445.2011, and 445.2030.  
The anticipated effective date for the above amendments to the SPA  
is May 1, 2022.  
Overview: The proposed rules will require endorsement and relicensure applicants to disclose all licenses with other entities, report  
current discipline or sanctions on a license, and meet the human trafficking, English language and implicit bias training requirements.  
The proposed rules will also rescind the English language requirement as the requirement has been added to the Public Health Code  
– General Rules, require licensed midwives to consult with or refer a patient if an infant has an abnormal blood spot infant screening,  
or failed critical congenital heart defect screening, modify and add drugs to the Table 1 and Table 2 for the treatment of patients, and  
allow licensed midwives in to use the two required hours of implicit bias training for credit toward the two required hours of cultural  
awareness training.  
The State Plan Amendment is not expected to change the overall  
There is no public meeting scheduled regarding this notice. Any  
interested party wishing to request a written copy of the SPA or  
wishing to submit comments may do so by submitting a request  
in writing to: MDHHS/ Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging  
Services Administration, Program Policy Division, PO Box 30479,  
Lansing MI 48909-7979 or e-mail MSADraftPolicy@michigan.  
gov by May 18, 2022. A copy of the proposed State Plan  
mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-73970_5080-108153--,00.html .  
The rules will take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State, unless specified otherwise in the rules. Comments  
on the proposed rules may be presented in person at the public hearing. Written comments will also be accepted from date of  
publication until 5:00 p.m. on May 12, 2022, at the following address or e-mail address:  
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs  
Bureau of Professional Licensing– Boards and Committees Section  
P.O. Box 30670  
Lansing, MI 48909-8170  
Attention: Departmental Specialist Email:  
A copy of the proposed rules may be obtained by contacting Board Support at (517) 241-7500 or the email address noted above.  
Electronic copies also may be obtained at the following link:  
Licensed Midwifery  
To allow for broad public attendance and participation, including for persons with disabilities, members of the public  
may access this meeting by both web and phone and provide either oral or written comments. Closed captioning will be  
provided, when available. Members of the public who are speech or hearing impaired may also attend and participate  
in this meeting by dialing 7-1-1 and using the Michigan Relay service. More information about this service may be found at  
People with disabilities requiring additional accommodations (such as materials in alternative format) to participate in the meeting,  
or those that have questions should contact the department at